Owusu-Ankomah: FUTURE TRACK

AP 02-2006
Paintings / Peintures 1990-2006

Künstler Monografie
120 Seiten, über 70 farbige
Abbildungen, 22,5 x 27 cm,
Texte: Giorgio Armani, Ulf Vierke,
Dr. Maria Kohlert-Németh,
Joachim Melchers
ARTCO Publishing 2006
Sprache: englisch / französich
Preis: 29,90 € + 3,50 € Versand
innerhalb Deutschlands

"It was the power that attracted me to
the work of Owusu-Ankomah, whose
paintings draw upon an electric mix of
styles and periods including early cave
drawings, the Renaissance, pre-colonial
African art and modern day graffiti."
Giorgio Armani, August 2006